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Breda Academy, Belfast

Celebrating Success at Breda Academy


At Breda Academy, we recognise the importance of celebrating our young people’s achievements, both inside and outside of the classroom. Therefore, a system of rewards is embedded in the structure of our school, so that all pupils are encouraged to try their best.

Achievement Points

Pupils are rewarded achievement points by teachers using a computerised system. Points can be rewarded for the following (numbers 1 - 6 carry one point).

  1. Excellent behaviour
  2. Excellent effort
  3. Progress and achievement
  4. Kindness
  5. Politeness
  6. Involvement in school life
  7. Excellent attendance (2 points)
  8. Going ‘Above and Beyond’ (2 points)

Badges and certificates will be awarded in Key Stage 3 when pupils meet the following thresholds:

  • Bronze 50 points
  • Silver 100 points
  • Gold 150 points
  • Principal's Award 200 points

During Key Stage 3, pupils are encouraged to aim for the following awards:

  • End of Year 8 = At least bronze award
  • End of Year 9 = At least silver award
  • End of Year 10 = At least gold award and aim for the Principal's Award

The pupils with the most achievement points that term, in each Key Stage 3 form class, will also be awarded the following:

  • 1st place – Form Class Gold Award
  • 2nd Place – Form Class Silver Award
  • 3rd Place – Form Class Bronze Award

Certificates and badges will be presented to Key Stage 3 pupils by the Principal in two special assemblies each Academic Year (one before the Christmas holidays and another before the summer holidays).

Pupils’ achievement points are included on their school reports and are also communicated to parents on a regular basis via the school comms app.


Annual Prize Evening (currently postponed due to Covid)

The Annual Prize Evening is a special event in the school calendar and provides an opportunity for a formal celebration of success. Recipients and their families are invited to the school to attend an evening which celebrates the achievements of our current pupils. Pupils are selected by their teachers to receive academic prizes, sporting achievement awards and recognition in other deserving areas.