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Breda Academy, Belfast

Curriculum Overview


At Breda Academy our curriculum is inclusive and provides opportunities for every student to study courses appropriate to their needs, abilities and aspirations. Each Key Stage curriculum is reviewed annually by our curriculum development team to ensure learning is broad, balanced and diverse, and provides all students with an appropriate mix of academic and vocational pathways of study. Students are provided with learning opportunities to develop their subject knowledge and understanding, technical ability, and literacy and numeracy skills, to make progress in their courses and perform well in public examinations.

We believe that everyone is a learner and everyone has the potential to lead others, hence our school motto, ‘Learners today Leaders tomorrow’. Accordingly, we strive to empower all students with a confident and positive belief in themselves and their own potential to succeed within and beyond school. We also endeavour to develop students’ ‘Growth mind-set, Resilience, Independence and Tenacity’ (GRIT) in how they approach their learning.

Learning is a lifelong journey involving making decisions and making mistakes. It is the discovery of new ideas and new answers; it is in making errors that learners refine their abilities and discover new paths. At Breda Academy it is safe to make mistakes and to not yet know the right answer.  We are committed to providing a caring and safe environment for all of our students so that they can learn in an atmosphere of mutual tolerance and respect for each other’s views and approaches to life.


YEARS 8, 9 & 10

In Key Stage Three students study a broad range of subjects. We believe students learn best when they are taught in groups that are set by ability. Drawing on nationally generated data and our own baseline tests we place students in sets which are most closely matched to their current level of performance. The curriculum is tailored and differentiated for each teaching group so that students get the optimum balance of support and challenge they need to secure excellent progress. There is, however, flexibility for students to move between groups if appropriate, for example if our regular tracking assessments suggest students are making good progress and would benefit from the challenge of a different group.


YEARS 11 & 12

The Key Stage Four curriculum offers a broad range of nationally accredited GCSE/Level 2 qualifications to ensure all students have good opportunities to progress into Sixth Form and further/higher education or employment. Our two Learning Pathways help to ensure that students are matched to an engaging and relevant curriculum offer that best meets their needs and interests. In the Blue Pathway there are more qualifications that are exam-based, in the Purple Pathway there are more practical qualifications that are coursework-based.


YEARS 13 & 14

A separate Sixth Form Prospectus, updated annually, sets out the full range of A Level/Level 3 subjects on offer. The Key Stage Five curriculum aims to support and develop the commitment and self-discipline students need for successful independent study and academic success. Many of our Sixth Form students continue their learning in high profile UK based universities such as, Queens, Ulster University, Liverpool John Moores and go on to have successful careers in teaching, nursing, sport, business and ICT.