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Breda Academy, Belfast
Read and Write is available for pupils to download for free at home and on school computers. Pupils can download the software onto any device.   FREE Read & Write Software Now Available for Breda Academy Students   All Breda Academy pupils are now registered to download and use TextHelp’s ‘Read & Write’ software at home for FREE.   Read & Write is a toolbar available for all pupils to download for FREE at home and to also use on school computers. The toolbar has a number of excellent features to guide pupils’ work, such as: dictionaries and picture dictionaries; text to speech generators; spelling, punctuation and grammar checkers; research highlighters; and a range of other useful features that can be used to form a personalised toolbar that suits your child’s learning needs. This software makes extended pieces of writing more accurate, and makes researching more efficient; this is particularly valuable for pupils studying for GCSE and A Level examinations.   Read & Write can be downloaded on to laptops, PCs and tablets, and on to Windows, Android, iPads, Macs and Chrome Book devices.   Please follow the instructions below to install this FREE software on to your devices:   Using the device you want to download the software on to, open up the webpage Click ‘Try Now’ Select your platform (Android, iPad, Windows, Mac OS etc.) and click install You’ll be directed to the easiest and fastest way to install; follow the instructions The first time the programme runs, you’ll be asked to log in with your email address. Choose ‘Microsoft Account’ and key in your child’s school email address (using the ending Enter your child’s C2K password, and you should be good to go!   Once the software is downloaded, there will be automatic updates when the device is connected to the internet, so you should always have the latest version of Read and Write.   If you are having difficulties downloading the software, or have questions about how to use Read & Write, please go to There are also several YouTube tutorials about how to use the various features of Read & Write
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Home Economics


Subject Overview:

Home Economics is a subject through which many skills can be developed - in particular the practical skills involved in planning, preparing, cooking and serving food. However, Home Economics involves much more than this. Students will learn about the inter-relationship between diet, health, family, home and the choice and management of resources

Key Stage 3 Programmes of Study:

 Home Economics at Key Stage 3 gives our pupils the opportunity to examine key concepts in relation to healthy eating, home and family life and independent living. We cook every other week so that pupils can develop a range of important skills such as problem solving, cooking skills, working with others and using equipment safely and efficiently.

Year 8     1. Starting Home Economics       2. Healthy eating       3. The Family       4 Equipment in the kitchen

Year 9    1. Consumer Awareness    2. Food safety      3. Shopping      4. Nutrition when we are older

Year 10   1. Understanding Nutrition    2. Nutrition need for the pregnant mum and the baby     3. The life of a teenager 4. Money matters


Edexcel BTEC Level 2 Award in Hospitality. It is equivalent to 1 GCSE. The award consists of four units over the two years. One units is an externally assessed examination of 1 hour 30 minutes. It is worth 25%.

The main aim of this qualification is to provide learners with an awareness of the different aspects involved in working in the hospitality industry

The core units will focus on the following:

  • Introducing the Hospitality Industry – Examination
  • Working in the Hospitality Industry
  • Food Safety and Health and Safety in Hospitality.
  • We also cover an option unit – Planning, Preparing, Cooking and Finishing Food

Child Development

CCEA GCSE. This is made up of:

1 examination which is worth 60%.  

1 piece of coursework worth 40%

Child Development seeks to encourage an understanding of the overall needs of young children and the social and environmental influence which affect their development. It is a good starting point for higher education in Health and Social Care. This can lead to employment in a range of areas e.g. social work, nursing, classroom assistant.

Occupational Studies

CCEA GCSE Design and Creativity Pathway.

This course is a GCSE equivalent covered in one year.  It is made up of two units – Patisserie and Contemporary Cuisine. Candidates have the chance to learn about work in the catering industry

There is one practical lesson every week as this subject is all about learning through practical activities.

There is no exam however a diary is kept throughout the year. Pupils work is photographed as evidence of their work carried out in class



  • We offer Edexcel BTEC Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma in Hospitality it is a work related qualification designed to offer you an alternative qualification to an A level. It is 100% coursework. There are three mandatory units:
  • Unit 1. The Hospitality industry
  • Unit 2 Principles of Supervising Customer Service Performance in Hospitality 
  • Unit 3. Providing Customer Service in Hospitality
  • We also cover:
  • Unit 12Contemporary World Food
  • Unit 9 Food Service Organisation
  • Unit 22 Event Planning and Management.
  • Unit 23 Accommodation Operation Service

Children Care, Learning and Development

We offer Edexcel BTEC Level 3 National Award in   Children’s, Care, learning and Development.

It is equivalent to an A Level. This work-based qualification is aimed at learners who are working, or want to work, in early learning and childcare, social care and learning development support services.

Units covered:

Unit 1 Positive relationships for children’s care, learning and development

Unit 2 Positive environments for children’s care, learning and development

Unit 3 Promoting children’s development

Unit 5 Safeguarding children

Unit 38 Reflecting on practice in the children’s care, learning and development sector