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Breda Academy, Belfast
Read and Write is available for pupils to download for free at home and on school computers. Pupils can download the software onto any device.   FREE Read & Write Software Now Available for Breda Academy Students   All Breda Academy pupils are now registered to download and use TextHelp’s ‘Read & Write’ software at home for FREE.   Read & Write is a toolbar available for all pupils to download for FREE at home and to also use on school computers. The toolbar has a number of excellent features to guide pupils’ work, such as: dictionaries and picture dictionaries; text to speech generators; spelling, punctuation and grammar checkers; research highlighters; and a range of other useful features that can be used to form a personalised toolbar that suits your child’s learning needs. This software makes extended pieces of writing more accurate, and makes researching more efficient; this is particularly valuable for pupils studying for GCSE and A Level examinations.   Read & Write can be downloaded on to laptops, PCs and tablets, and on to Windows, Android, iPads, Macs and Chrome Book devices.   Please follow the instructions below to install this FREE software on to your devices:   Using the device you want to download the software on to, open up the webpage Click ‘Try Now’ Select your platform (Android, iPad, Windows, Mac OS etc.) and click install You’ll be directed to the easiest and fastest way to install; follow the instructions The first time the programme runs, you’ll be asked to log in with your email address. Choose ‘Microsoft Account’ and key in your child’s school email address (using the ending Enter your child’s C2K password, and you should be good to go!   Once the software is downloaded, there will be automatic updates when the device is connected to the internet, so you should always have the latest version of Read and Write.   If you are having difficulties downloading the software, or have questions about how to use Read & Write, please go to There are also several YouTube tutorials about how to use the various features of Read & Write
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Breda Academy is committed to working with parents to encourage regular and punctual attendance.

Parents and guardians have a legal duty1 to ensure their child of compulsory school age shall receive efficient full time education suitable to age, ability and aptitude and to any special educational needs they may have, either by regular school attendance or otherwise.

1 Article 45(1) of The Education and Libraries (NI) Order 1986

Main points to be aware of:

  • It is a parent’s / guardian’s responsibility to inform the school of the reason for a pupil’s absence on the first day of absence. Parents / guardians should phone the school’s attendance officer.
  • Pupils are expected to arrive in school at 8.35 a.m. at the latest, so that they can be at their first class at 8.40 a.m. It is the responsibility of parents / guardians to ensure that your child is punctual. Lateness is recorded.
  • Pupils with persistent lateness to school will also be issued with an after school detention.
  • Appointments should be made outside of school hours. If this is not possible, e.g. hospital appointments, then pupils should attend school before / after the appointment. If a pupil misses an entire registration session due to an appointment he or she will be marked as ‘M’, which is an authorised absence (provided a note or a letter has been provided by the parent / guardian). If a pupil is in school for registration before the appointment then he or she will receive a present mark for that session.
  • If a pupil comes in after registration has been taken for that session, then he or she will get a present mark as long as a note from a parent / guardian or an appointment letter is provided.
  • If your child appears reluctant to attend school please discuss the matter promptly with the Head of Year or Head of Key Stage to ensure that both you and your child receive maximum support.
  • Form tutors will monitor pupils’ attendance using a chart displayed on the classroom wall. Pupils must also record this in their planners. They must know their attendance percentage (green=excellent, orange=poor and red=extremely poor) and focus on improving it if it is orange or red.
  • Parents / Guardians will be contacted by the school by letter when the child’s attendance falls below 94%.
  • Pupils will be referred to the Education Welfare Officer when attendance drops below 85%.

Family holidays during Term Time

Breda Academy discourages holidays during term time due to the impact they have on pupils’ learning. Family holidays taken during term time will be categorised as an unauthorised absence. Only in exceptional circumstances, according to DENI guidance, will a holiday be authorised.

A copy of the school’s attendance policy is available on request or on the school website.


Percentage Equivalent Days Missed over one year Outcome
100% No day of learning missed


Your child will receive achievement points and other rewards in school.

The very best chance of success

95% 10 days or 2 weeks of learning missed


Pupils with above 95% attendance have a good chance of success. Your child will receive rewards in school for his or her attendance.

Your child is off to a good start

90% 19 days or 3 weeks & 4 days of learning missed

Poor Attendance

If your child's attendance is less than 95% you will be contacted by the school by letter.

Rick of underachievement

85% 29 days or 5 weeks & 4 dfays of learning missed

Very poor attendance

When a child's attendance falls to 85% or below, then a referral may be made the Education Welfare Officer.

Serius rick of underachievement

80% 38 days or 7 weeks & 3 days of learning missed

Extremely poor attendance

Extreme risk of underachievement

75% 48 days or 9 weeks & 3 days of learning missed

Extremely poor attendance

Extreme risk of underachievement