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Subject Overview:

Geography is the study of the earth's landscapes, peoples, places and environments. It is an exciting, dynamic subject that brings pupils out of the classroom and into the world around us. This can be done through class work and through field trips. Put simply, Geography is about the world in which we live, understanding what it is, where we live on it and how we impact it.

Key Stage 3 Programmes of Study:

In Key Stage 3 students will study a range of different Physical and Human Geography subjects.

Year 8:

  • What is Geography
  • Belfast- My city, my home
  • Northern Ireland and British Isles
  • The rocks beneath our feet
  • Map skills

Year 9:

  • The world map
  • Weather and Climate
  • Development (including: Kenya LEDC case study and Japan MEDC case study)
  • Weathering and Coasts

Year 10:

  • Tourism
  • Italy
  • Ecosystems
  • Rainforests
  • Deserts
  • Population and Migration

Key Stage 4 Qualification Courses and Programmes of Study:

In Key Stage 4 throughout years 11 and 12, students will study GCSE Geography in line with the CCEA syllabus. The current GCSE specification was first taught in 2017, it is an exciting syllabus that offers a range of topic areas.

Pupils will sit 3 exams for Geography

Unit 1: Understanding our Natural world (40% of overall grade)

Theme A: Rover Environments

Theme B: Coastal Environments

Theme C: Our Changing Weather and Climate

Theme D: The Restless Earth

Unit 2: Living in our world (40% of overall grade)

Theme A: Population and Migration

Theme B: Changing Urban Areas

Theme C: Contrasts in World Development

Theme D: Managing Our Environment

Unit 3: Field work (20% of overall grade)

Students will collect data and information on a field trip, that they will then bring in to use in the examination

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