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Breda Academy, Belfast

Technology and Design

Subject Overview:

Technology and Design is a subject which aims to give pupils a working appreciation of the technological world in which they live.  It hopes to give pupils the knowledge to understand and the skills to influence and develop that world.

Key Stage 3 Programmes of Study:

In Key Stage 3 students will study basic workshop skills, communicate their designs through sketching and learn about energy and control.  In year 8 they will work with wood and plastic to manufacture a few practical pieces as well as learning the basic drawing skills required to communicate their design ideas.  In year 9 pupils will explore electronic control by learning how to make a Night Light circuit.  They will also learn about mechanical control and make a small moving coat hook in the shape of a dog.  In year 10 we expect them to have become much more independent in the workshop and manufacture a timber product of their own design as well as developing their creativity in preparation for GCSE work.

Key Stage 4 Qualification Courses and Programmes of Study:

In Key Stage 4 throughout years 11 and 12 students can choose to study Technology and Design GCSE where they are encouraged to be innovative and take design risks. They explore the creative, engineering and manufacturing industries, as well as the importance of high quality functional design and technology products or systems.

Students also have the opportunity to choose an Occupational Studies which can be completed in one year.  Within our department we offer two separate courses: Carpentry and Joinery and Electrical Wiring.

Students will also have the opportunity to choose GCSE Construction and the Built Environment.  With this course they will explore both commercial and domestic construction industries.  They will have the opportunity to develop craft skills, CAD techniques and create an appreciation of the rules and regulations that accompany careers in construction.


Key Stage 5 Qualification Courses and Programmes of Study:

In Key Stage 5 students can choose to study Product Design to Alevel where they will explore design in a range of contexts including home, school, recreation, community, business and industry.

Students have opportunities to:

  • make use of tacit knowledge and reflective practices in order to work with tasks that are challenging and often require definition;
  • develop and sustain their creativity and innovative practice;
  • recognise and overcome challenges and constraints when working towards the production of high-quality products;
  • develop a critical understanding of the influences of the processes and products of design and technological activities from a contemporary and historical perspective;
  • draw on a range of skills and knowledge from other subject areas;
  • draw on and apply knowledge, understanding and skills of production processes to a range of design and technological activities;
  • develop an understanding of contemporary design and technology practices; and
  • use digital technologies and information handling skills to enhance their design and technological capability.



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