Printmaking Workshop

This November Year 11, 13, and 14  Art students got to discover and explore intaglio printing.  Mrs Taggart & Mr Roberts (PGCE student) took the group to the Island Arts Centre, Lisburn for an etching workshop with professional printmakers from Seacourt Print Studio, Bangor.  All printmaking tools, equipment and materials were provided.

Drypoint etching is an intaglio print process using acrylic sheets, scoring tools and specialist akua ink.  Using a sharp tool to score into the surface of an A5 acrylic plate the group prepared their etching plates in school.

During the workshop Joanna and Eabha demonstrated three main processes including preparing a plate, inking and printing it on the etching press.  The group made multiple prints of varying tonal ranges for their Art coursework.  There was a strong emphasis on the texture and quality of line.  Students also got to produce a coloured plate using three different colours of ink and rolling them out according to their design & image.


Etching is something which students normally don’t get to try until University so this was a great opportunity for students to develop their art work and learn a completely new technique.