Breda Academy takes the development of each individual pupil very seriously.  All staff ‘track’ the performance of every pupil.  Part of this process involves gathering ‘baseline’ information to assist with setting a target grade for every child.  This baseline information can be gathered through Progress Test in English, Progress Test in Maths, and Yellis tests.

Throughout the academic year, Breda staff formally assess every pupil to enable them to ‘track’ the performance of each pupil during 4 key intervals.

Tracking enables Breda staff to determine which pupils are performing below or indeed, above the target grades that have been set, and can effectively trigger a concern when a child is attaining at a level which is lower than is anticipated.

In the situation where a pupil is ‘under-attaining’, Breda Academy will engage with both the pupil and the parent, and provide strategies to raise performance to the expected level.  Strategies may include extension work, revision class or even a change in class.

Effectively, tracking ensures that no child is left behind.