Breda New Build

The new building is to be built within the existing site, split over three levels. The frontage will be three storey and will start roughly where our current outdoor gym is and then angle around through what is now a picnic area in the trees. That is where the main public entrance will be.

The design has two central courtyards and an upper play space with the library in the centre of the school and the canteen accessible from the play areas or the courtyard. This will enable us to offer a separate quieter space for students at break time as well as an upper area where students can play ball games.

The accommodation will include all the specialist rooms and accommodation required for a 1000 pupil school.

When the new build is complete, the existing building will be demolished to provide space for further pitches, parking and for the school buses to come into the site with space for them to drop off and pick up students inside the school gates.

It is an exciting prospect for all at the school, with building work due to start towards the end of the next academic year.

Plan Images:

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Site testing for the new school build

Site testing for the new school build