Department   PE

Staff in Department

M Milligan, B Mills, K Hare, L Parry, N Duffy.









Aims of Department

The 3 Ps. – Performance (Academic/sporting), Participation (Curricular/extra – curricular), Public relations (Selling the success of the department in/outside school).


2016 – We had 100% success rate in the PE department at both KS4 (C and above) & KS5 (B and above). We have a group of highly competent, and experienced professionals who demand academic success and achievement from all students in their care.













Key Stage 3 .

Boys – Football, rugby, basketball, cross country, HRPE, gymnastics, hockey, baseball, athletics.


Girls – Hockey, netball, dance, gymnastics, HRPE, cross country, football, athletics, rounders.












Key Stage 4 Pathway

GCSE PE (AQA) 60% practical with coursework element + 40% theory exam.

BTEC Sport Level 2 (NQF) 75% coursework and 25% exam.











Key Stage 5 (if applicable)
BTEC sport level 3 (QCF) – 100% coursework over 7 units.









BTEC – None

GCSE PE – Fortnightly








Extra –curricular activities/Clubs

Football (Boys/girls), Netball, hockey, basketball, rugby, Brazilian Ju Jitsu, gymnastics, running club, athletics and dance.