The pastoral care of each individual in the school community is of the highest importance. Breda Academy students benefit from a highly developed pastoral system to ensure that every student’s progress towards becoming a well-rounded individual is closely monitored.

Form Tutor

Students are assigned to a tutor group when they join Breda Academy overseen by a form tutor who sees students twice each day for morning and afternoon registration. The Form Tutor provides a first point of contact for the students and their parents about any issues that arise in school. Students are taught sets grouped by ability rather than their form tutor groups. This means students can always stay in the same form tutor group with the same form tutor throughout their time at Breda Academy. This provides a continuity of pastoral support throughout the years of compulsory schooling.

Year Head

Each year group will have a year head who has particular experience of each key stage and is able to provide specialist support with the particular issues that arise at each stage in post-primary education. For example, Mr Galbraith is Head of Year 8 and works with our feeder primary schools to establish links that support students in the transition from P7 to Year 8. Other year heads will stay with the year groups for a period of two years.

Head of Key Stage

The work of the year heads is overseen and supported by Heads of Key Stage. Mrs Parry is Head of Key Stage Three (Years 8 to 10), Mr McCann is Head of Key Stage Four (Years 11 to 12) and Mrs Glover is senior teacher and also Head of Key Stage Five (Years 13 and 14)

In addition to this structure

  • Our two Vice-Principals each have a combined responsibility for both curricular and pastoral issues in Key Stage 3 (Mrs Gordon) and in Key Stage 4 (Mr Massey).
  • Mrs Scott as Senior teacher in charge of inclusion and development is also our Designated Child Protection officer and leads the Child Protection Team