At Breda Academy, we recognise that the transfer process is a daunting experience for the whole family.  Choosing a post primary school for your child is not only a stressful experience, but can also be so confusing.  ‘What if we choose the wrong setting?’  ‘Is this school right for my child?’  ‘Is this school too big for my child?’  ‘Can this school meet the needs of my child?’

At Breda Academy, we fully understand the pressure and stress of making the right decision for your child.  We aim to make the transition from primary to post-primary as seamless as possible.

How do we do this?

  • First of all, we recognise that as parents, you will meet and engage with the primary school principals.  You trust their judgement and hope that they will know enough about the post primary schools to offer you firm guidance about the next step for your child.  Therefore, we in turn try to engage with the principals of the local feeder schools by inviting them to Breda Academy to hear directly from us about what we have to offer.
  • We visit the primary schools to find out how the primary schools are teaching the children so that we can adopt some of the strategies that the children are used to.
  • We offer a transition experience day for many pupils in the local primary schools – this involves bringing pupils to Breda Academy and providing them a ‘high school experience’ day.  We want to help the P7 children grasp the differences between primary and post primary school and in some way, reduce the fears or anxieties they may have.
  • We will offer a fun Open Evening on the 18th of January when you and your child are welcome to walk the corridors, enter the classrooms and engage with our current pupils and staff.  There is no better way to get ‘the truth’ about a post primary school.

But your question must be – ‘What will make Breda Academy the best choice for my child?’

Breda Academy offers a new beginning for pupils – many of whom enter post primary education feeling bruised by the transfer process.  We understand and seek to build up confidence and self belief in our new pupils – helping them to rediscover their unique gifts, talents and value.

We offer something more however!  We offer not just 5 years, but 7 Years settled education – from 1st Year, right through to Upper 6th.  We can receive your child in Year 8, work with both you and your child to nurture them along the path towards A Level – skilling and honing their capacity to contribute to society and even enter the world of a 3rd level ‘university degree’ education.  Many of our pupils go on to study at university for a career in teaching, nursing, IT or design.

We understand that every child is an individual with needs and aspirations that vary – but in Breda Academy we seek to embed in the hearts and minds of our pupils that they are ‘Learners Today and Leaders Tomorrow!’