Site survey for the New School Build

Site survey for the New School Build

New School Building for Breda Academy

We are delighted to have an update for our community on great developments for South and East Belfast.  As you will have heard in the media, the Education Minister had announced plans to build a new school for Breda Academy.  We have now moved on to the next stage in the process with a contractor appointed to design the building. Some initial meetings and consultations have already taken place.  We have a clear idea of the proposed timescale and building work is projected to begin on or before April 2018.

This date means that new pupils starting with Breda in September 2017, will (within a short number of months), witness their new school being constructed.  With, the target completion date of February 2020 our new Year 8 pupils starting this September 2017, will undertake their GCSE courses in the new high spec buildings – something to be very excited about.

At the same time the design team are looking at how we manage the new build alongside keeping the existing school running entirely as normal. Breda Academy is committed to making sure that our pupils get the VERY BEST.  This considerable and exiting building project, will be managed with the minimum adverse impact on our pupils’ education.

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