Staff Profile

Name: Ms Joanna McCullough BA (Hons) PGCE MSc MSc

Position: Senior Teacher – Data and Systems. I will be leading the school’s use of pupil performance data to improve pupil outcomes.

Question 1: How many years teaching have you had to date? 17yrs

Question 2: What positions or roles have you had over these years?

I was a student teacher at Newtownbreda High School and then started my first teaching post there once I was qualified. My roles at Newtownbreda included Head of Year, Teacher Tutor, Examinations Officer, Psychology Co-ordinator, Deputy Designated Teacher for Child Protection and Senior Teacher for Key Stage 3. My teaching experience has covered a variety of subjects, including English and Health and Social Care. Currently, my main subject is Psychology and I really enjoy teaching my sixth form students about how psychologists seek to understand the human mind and behaviour.

Question 3: What are you most looking forward to in your role in Breda Academy?

I see this as a very exciting time, with the opportunities that a new and larger school will bring to our pupils. Although I will still be a Senior Teacher, the Data and Systems post will bring me new challenges and I feel very positive about this new role’s impact upon pupil attainment.

Question 4: Possibly an informal question e.g. How do you like to spend your spare time?

My main vice is shopping and I love to go into town every Saturday. I also enjoy eating out whenever I can. As regards exercise, I enjoy running or going to Queen’s PEC, which would be my ‘me time’ for getting away from it all. This is also when I can listen to one of my carefully prepared playlists on my iPhone (I am very particular about my music!) I also love reading and often get through 3 or 4 books in one week. However, as any mum will know, a lot of my time is spent ferrying my children to their various music and dance activities!