Staff Profile:

Name: Mrs Gillian Scott BEd (Hons)

Position: Senior Teacher for Inclusion and Development

Question 1: How many years teaching have you had to date?

Coming to end of 21 years

Question 2: What positions or roles have you had over these years?

• Worked in Dumnurry High School for 8 years where taught French and English and became HOD after 4 years.
• Been at KHS since where have taught French, Literacy and RE.
• HOD Modern Languages and responsible for introducing Spanish into curriculum
• Became Head of Literacy across the school and currently Senior Teacher in charge of Teaching and Learning

Question 3: What are you most looking forward to in your role in Breda Academy?

• Meeting new pupils from all different cultures and backgrounds
• Working with new people
• Making our school the best High school in Belfast!!

Question 4: Possibly an informal question e.g. How do you like to spend your spare time?

• Going to park and beach at weekend with my 2 boys
• Going to France in summer to keep up my language (sun and food too)
• Reading to chill