Department   Moving Image Arts

Staff in Department
L Davidson

K Millar

Aims of Department
Moving Image Arts (MIA) is a creative and enjoyable subject that allows pupils to develop their knowledge and understanding of films.

Pupils will study the five key areas of film making; Camera, editing, cinematography, mise-en-scene and narrative.

Pupils will learn through the process of creating their own short film or animation.

MIA was introduced as an A-Level subject in the 2010/11 academic year, and is now also available at GCSE level.  Since its introduction, it has been extremely popular, with interest from pupils often exceeding the number of places available.

The department has a full suite of iMac computers, allowing our students to gain knowledge and hands on experience with industry level technologies, therefore equipping them with all the necessary skills they need to study the subject beyond school level.

Key Stage 3
Elements of the course content will be explored within other subjects like: English, Drama and Art & Design.

·         Stop motion animation and photography –  Art & Design

·         Script development and film language – English & Drama

Key Stage 4 Pathway

Including GCSE course(s) or other qualifications offered with exam boards/key features of course(s) eg. Controlled assessment and exam weightings.

CCEA GCSE Moving Image.

60% coursework and 40% Exam

Key Stage 5
CCEA AS Moving Image. 60% coursework 40% exam

CCEA A2 Moving Image. 70% coursework 30% exam (Legacy course completing June 2017)

Revised Specification ( first teaching September 2016)

AS 1: Realist and Formalist Techniques and Classical Hollywood: Foundation

Portfolio – Production of a film or animation sequence in response to a pre-release


60 %

AS 2: Critical Response – Online examination featuring unseen film clips


A2 1: Creative Production and Research: Advanced Portfolio – Production of a

complete narrative film or animation supported by independent research into a

selected film practitioner

60 %

A2 2: Advanced Critical Response – Online examination featuring unseen film clips and

stimulus requiring comparative analysis and an applied creative exercise


Pupils will be involved in a variety of planning and practical film making activities outside of school hours.
Extra -curricular activities/Clubs
      Film club.