Breda Academy pupils in Years 11, 12, 13 and 14 received their new iPads last week.  Research strongly indicates that iPad technology can enhance both teaching and learning.  Recent findings commissioned by the Scottish Government has revealed that iPad technology deepens engagement of both male and female pupils.  The findings also indicate that young people with access to iPad in the classroom enter employment with much stronger IT skills and technical competence.

iTeach (a local iPad specialist organisation), has installed the wifi infrastructure, trained Breda Academy staff in the use of iPad as a teaching tool, and has amended the school iPads to ensure they are compliant with Child Protection best practice.

The iPads have revolutionised how staff collaborate with pupils.  Pupils and staff can now send and receive work both within school and at home.

Breda Academy now boasts Apple TV in every teaching area throughout the school – meaning that every room provides a space for greater interactive teaching.