Department   ICT

Staff in Department
Mr P Kemps (Acting Head of Dept)

Mrs C Riddell

Mrs M McCabe

Mr M McConville

Miss E McCabrey

Mr J Fisher (Technician)

Mr A Nevin (Technician)

Aims of Department
The aim of the ICT department is to provide pupils with the technical knowledge, skills and understanding needed in a world increasingly dominated by the use of ICT systems.
Key Stage 3
KS3 curriculum will focus on allowing pupils to develop and consolidate their skills and knowledge in word processing, spreadsheets, databases, presentation and Internet Explorer.

Learning will be pupil based and independent, allowing them  to be creative, and reflective.  Pupils will have the opportunity to develop at their own pace and work with peers, therefore developing skills that are required for life learning and work.

Key Stage 4 Pathway
CCEA Single Award ICT

Unit 1: Tools and Applications (CA) 30%

Timed tasks, based on Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Databases and Presentations

Unit 2: Using Multimedia and Games Technology (CA) 30%

Timed tasks, Game Development and Building a website

Unit 3: Understanding ICT Systems in Everyday Use and its Implications (External Exam) 40%

External theory examination covering the following topics

Knowledge of ICT

Data and Information

Digital communication methods

Applications of ICT


CCEA Double Award Applied ICT

Unit 1: Tools and Applications (Practical exam)

Unit 2: ICT in Organis ations (CW)

Unit 3: Unit 3: ICT and Society

Edexcel BTEC First Level 1/2 Award in ICT

Unit 1: The online world (online exam)

Unit 3: A Digital Portfolio (CW)

Unit 10: Database Development (CW)

Key Stage 5
CCEA GCE Applied ICT AS (40% of A2)

Unit 1: Information and Communication

Unit 2:Software Applications and Tools

Unit 3:Organisations and Information Systems

CCEA GCE Applied ICT A2 (60% of A2)

Unit 7: Investigating Systems

Unit 8:Database Development

Unit 10:Multimedia Technology

Homework is set depending on task and topics being taught. It is on-going throughout the year. The length of time set will increase as pupils progress in their schooling.
Extra -curricular activities/Clubs
Lego Mindstorm being offered through inter disciplinary learning.