Home Economics

Staff in Department
Mrs A Beattie (Head of Department)

Mrs J Lowry

Miss M Lynas

Mrs K Sweeney

Mrs L Towse

Aims of Department
Our aim is to equip our pupils with the knowledge, values and skills that will help them to make appropriate lifestyle choices – to make healthy choices, shop wisely and become independent members of society able to make their own informed decisions in life.

Our department values the strong links we have made with the hospitality industry as it enhances the learning experience of our pupils. This has included visits to The Stormont Hotel, The Ballygally Hotel, Malone Lodge Hotel and The Park Avenue. We have also had visits and talks at Goodness Rocks and Nandos. Our own school canteen continues to be an invaluable source of information for our GCSE and GCE pupils.

Last year we made use of our function room turning it into an American Diner, a restaurant, a coffee shop. This multi-functional room is attached to a kitchen making it a great resource for serving our guests and one which the pupils have gained great practical experience in customer service.

We are also grateful to a range of guest speakers including a Midwife, an Environmental Health Officer and a food demonstrator from the LMC.

Key Stage 3
Home Economics are Key Stage 3 is part of the Learning for life and work. We give our pupils the opportunity to examine key concepts in relation to healthy eating, home and family life and independent living. We cook every other week so that pupils can develop a range of important skills such as problem solving, cooking skills, working with others and using equipment safely and efficiently.

We have produced differentiated work books full of a range of learning activities to address the needs of our pupils. Below are detailed the units covered in each year.

Year 8

Starting Home Economics

Healthy eating

The Family

Equipment in the kitchen

Year 9

Consumer Awareness

Food safety


Nutrition when we are older

Year 10

Understanding Nutrition

Nutrition need for the pregnant mum and the baby

The life of a teenager

Money matters

Key Stage 4 Pathway

Edexcel BTEC Level 2 Award in Hospitality. It is equivalent to 1 GCSE

The award consists of four units over the two years. One units is an externally assessed examination of 1 hour 30 minutes. It is worth 25%.

BTEC holders can expect to find opportunities at a range of levels, as chefs, waiters, or bar staff; in front-of-house operations such as receptionists, cashiers or guest liaison staff; and in accommodation operations. The main aim of this qualification is to provide learners with an awareness of the different aspects involved in working in the hospitality industry. They develop skills in our restaurant, kitchens and visit local hotels, restaurants, and catering outlets to gain the necessary knowledge. This course covers: – customer service, food service and food safety. Learners investigate the hospitality industry as well as learning how to prepare, cook and serve food.

The core units will focus on the following:

·         Introducing the Hospitality Industry – Examination

·         Working in the Hospitality Industry

·         Food Safety and Health and Safety in Hospitality.

·         We also cover an option unit – Planning, Preparing, Cooking and Finishing Food

Child Development

CCEA  GCSE. This is made up of:

-2 examinations which are worth 40%. The candidates will be entered for the two one hour papers. These exams consist of short answers, structured and free response questions.

-2 pieces of coursework worth 60% Two controlled tasks which are internally assessed and then externally moderated.

Child Development seeks to encourage an understanding of the overall needs of young children and the social and environmental influence which affect their development.

GCSE Child Development is a good starting point for higher education in Health and Social Care. This can lead to employment in a range of areas e.g. social work, nursing, classroom assistant.

Occupational Studies

CCEA GCSE Design and Creativity Pathway.

This course is a GCSE equivalent covered in one year.  It is made up of two units – Patisserie and Contemporary Cuisine

Candidates have the chance to learn about work in the catering industry

They learn to;

·         identify and use equipment,

·         measure and weigh ingredients,

·         follow recipes

·         prepare and use a range of new practical skills

·         Evaluate and adapt recipes

There is one practical lesson every week as this subject is all about learning through practical activities.

There is no exam.

A diary is kept throughout the year.

Pupils work is photographed as evidence of their work carried out in class

Each unit has six assessed practicals.

Key Stage 5

We offer Edexcel BTEC Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma in Hospitality. This has been a successfully and very rewarding subject for our pupils. Preparing many for further education or a step to the next level in the career in Hospitality. The BTEC Subsidiary Diploma is a work related qualification designed to offer you an alternative qualification to an A level. It is 100% coursework.

This course involves much more than cooking and will appeal to students considering working in the hospitality industry. The course will help students to develop the skills that employers want whilst also providing a qualification that will enable them to progress to higher education.

There are three mandatory units:

1.The Hospitality industry

2.Principles of supervising customer service performance in hospitality, leisure, travel and tourism

3.Providing customer service in hospitality

In the other four units students will study:

1.Contemporary world food

2.European food

3.Food service organisation

4. Event planning and management.

We set one homework on the non-cooking week; this can range from spellings, to revision for knowledge checks to written work, Power Points and presentations. The home works should take 20 to 30 minutes on average.
Extra -curricular activities/Clubs
Last year our Junior Cookery Club was extremely successfully and this year we are expanding the provision due to demand from our pupils.

We offer revision classes to our GCSE pupils after school.