Pupils at Breda Academy can choose subjects leading up to 13 GCSEs and GCSE equivalent courses.  Choosing your GCSEs is not something to do with great haste.  Breda Academy will invest time to explain the range courses on offer, provide advice on ways of grouping your choices and, we will ensure that all pupils will have access to a DEL Careers Advisor to ensure that all decision making is well informed.

The GCSE Options Process has 4 key elements:

  1. First Survey – Pupils will be surveyed extensively to ensure that Breda Academy is in a position to offer those courses which students are keen to study.
  2. Information Sessions – Pupils will have an opportunity to hear from Heads of Department with regard to subject content, examination and controlled assessment requirements.  This will further aid each pupil to make an informed decision on the BEST courses for them.
  3. Options Booklet – Each pupil will be given a comprehensive booklet which will provide information on all subjects offered at GCSE level.  At this stage, subjects will be placed into Subject Blocks, each Block filled with a wide range of subjects.  Pupils will have time to read this booklet with their parent/guardian and will submit an Option Request Sheet – indicating those subjects that they wish to study.
  4. Final Blocking – Pupils will be allocated to subjects based on their Options Request Sheet and this will form their GCSE Timetable for Year 11.

Students will study a range of Core GCSE subjects including:

  • English Language (Academic Pathway will also complete English Literature)
  • Maths (Academic Pathway will also complete IFS Financial Capability or Statistics)
  • Wider Key Skills Double Award
  • Personal Well-being
  • Occupational Studies Double Award

Students will then choose up to four other GCSE courses which may include:

Technology, ICT, Hospitality, RE, LLW, History, Geography, Music, Moving Image Arts, Science, Art, Modern Languages, Sport, Drama, Health and Social Care, and many more…