Department Members

Mrs G. Kelly

Mrs M.Campbell

Mrs G.Scott

Aim of this Department:

  • To help EAL pupils reach their full academic potential.
  • To assist other departments working with EAL pupils
  • To develop an awareness of Northern Ireland culture and the culture of our pupils’ home countries
  • To organise EAL trips to investigate the culture and history of Northern Ireland (both EAL and native Northern Irish pupils go on these trips together)

An EAL notice board displaying items about British and international culture including EAL pupils’ work is regularly updated.

Assemblies are taken by the EAL staff at key times in the calendar to highlight and celebrate our variety of cultures across the world.

How we meet these aims:

Pupils are tested using the CEFR tests and progress monitored carefully using pupil record sheets against levels A1 to B2.

Pupils are usually taught in small groups according to their ability and maturity, but may also be taught individually.  Lessons are conducted in a way to help pupils who have no background of active learning.

The curriculum is taught based on their own individual language requirements. Basic vocabulary for life, together with subject specific vocabulary, is taught and reinforced. Basic and intermediate grammar is taught and reinforced with the development of cultural topics integrated into the lessons also.

In addition to the development and reinforcement of vocabulary and grammar structures, the EAL staff support our newcomer GCSE pupils with subject specific vocabulary and exam rubrics, exam practice and any other requirements, while working in tandem with their class teachers.

Pupils are encouraged to sit GCSE in their own language in Year 11, if there is an exam course available. Currently, pupils have access to GCSE Chinese (Mandarin), Portuguese, Polish and Russian with 100% A* to C pass rates.