Edexcel’s BTEC Sport is a qualification which transports the learner into work based (Sporting) scenarios; whereby they have to apply different solutions in written format. The vast majority of this subject will be spent on written coursework and practical.


Our 4 units are:

1 – Fitness testing and training – Exam unit

2 – Practical sport

4 – The sports performer in action

6 – Leading sports activities



Students must be prepared to:

Work more independently – reviewing their work from class, completing their own notes on topics.

Work with assignment briefs and create their own written interpretations using fully referenced research.

Take an active part in their learning – contributing to class discussions, presentations, fitness coaching/testing and displaying enthusiasm for the subject.


Year 11 – 1 exam unit – 50%  1 Coursework & practical unit.

Year 12 – 2 units – 50%



One written online exam:

Unit 1 –Components of fitness, training methods, fitness testing 25%.

3 other units are coursework and practical assessment and make up the other 75%.

Transferable Skills

–       Communication, organisational skills, presentation, teaching and working with others.

–       Problem solving, independent research and planning skills.

Practical sports skills and fitness development (It is essential to have a practical interest in PE to do this subject).

Careers Link

PE allows students to develop skills that are transferable and highly valued by employers.  It also prepares them for the further study of BTEC level 3 which many of our past pupils have used as a gateway to university.  An interest in BTEC Sport will afford you opportunities in wide range of employment environments. These include teaching, lecturing, coaching, fitness instructing, sports development, physiotherapy, and sports psychology.

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