The key principle of Breda Academy is that everyone is a learner and everyone is a leader. We believe that all students should be empowered to achieve and aspire to the highest point, to be treated with respect and treat others with respect, and enjoy their school.

We are committed to providing a caring and safe environment for all of our students so that they can learn in an atmosphere of mutual respect for each other’s views and approaches to life.

Learning is a lifelong journey involving making decisions and making mistakes. It is the discovery of new ideas and new answers; it is in making errors that learners refine their abilities and discover new paths. At Breda Academy it is safe to make mistakes and to not yet know the right answer.

Students can look forward to being a part of Breda Academy and wearing their uniform with pride as they represent themselves and their peers within the local community.

Our talented and committed staff will support and work with your son or daughter so that they go out into the world as a self-confident person:

able to communicate and empathise with others,
enthusiastic about opportunities to be successful and
eager to carry on learning for the rest of their lives.
Breda Academy strives to be a school where there is a place for everyone.