Members of the Art Department:

Mrs C Taggart (Head of Department)

Ms L Davidson

Mrs O’Connor

Mrs Boyd

Mr R Cahoon

Miss Logan

Miss Graham (Art Technician)

Aims of the Department:

The aims of the Art & Design Department are to deliver the requirements of the NI Curriculum and contribute to the aims of the school in a way that is both meaningful and effective.

We strive to:

  • develop the full potential of the individual in terms of creativity, imagination, sensitivity and spirituality;
  • enable the pupils to express themselves effectively and confidently using a wide range of skills and media;
  • foster understanding of the place of Art & Design within society and appreciation of the work of practitioners past and present from their own and other cultures;
  • provide an experience which will last for life and lead to a desire for further study and development in this subject;
  • recognise the achievements of the pupils through displays, exhibitions and competitions both inside and outside school.

The Art and Design department continues to be viewed as a highly successful department due to the outstanding results consistently achieved by our pupils at both GCSE and at A level.

Key Stage 4 (GCSE) and Key Stage 5 (A Level)

GCSE Art and Design allows pupils to develop their observational skills and appreciation for a wide range of artistic practices through investigation, experimentation and problem-solving. Development of creative, intellectual and artistic abilities is encouraged. Pupils have opportunities to appreciate the work of artists, designers and craft workers from a variety of cultural backgrounds. A portfolio and practical exam are the two components of this course.