Welcome To Breda Academy

Official Website Launch on 1st September 2015

Welcome to the Breda Academy Website

I am delighted to welcome you to our new website.

I hope these pages will give you an idea about the kind of school that Breda Academy is.

I feel very privileged to be the first Principal of a new school which will serve the population of South Belfast for many decades to come.

We are determined that Breda Academy will be a school where all students can

• Achieve
• Belong
• Learn
• Enjoy
• Positive Relationships
• Good teaching
• High Expectations

Each student will receive individual support from a dedicated form tutor and also experience consistent routines and expectations across teachers and departments in the school. In this way the new school will combine the advantages of a close knit small school community with the breadth of opportunity and depth of expertise found in a large school.

The core purpose of education is to equip students with the skills and qualifications that they need to make a positive contribution and to access the greatest possible future opportunities. I am confident that Breda Academy will do just that as its students live the motto, chosen by the students themselves of, “learners today, leaders tomorrow.”

Matthew Munro

About Our Staff

A Good Breda Learner has a Positive Attitude

Resilience – Not giving up

Expect to make mistakes. We learn more from the things we did wrong the first time and then learned to do right, than we do from all the things we did right first time without really realising how we did it.

Resourcefulness – Helping yourself out

Don’t give up when you get stuck. Don’t do nothing while you wait to be helped. Look for answers from your book, from the boards around the room, from the people working with you, or from the teacher.

Reciprocity – Supporting your fellow students

Treating other people always in a respectful way gives them the confidence to share their ideas and thoughts openly and creates a great climate for learning.

Explaining something to someone else is a fantastic way to test and strengthen your own understanding.

Making sure that everyone gets a fair turn when you are working in a pair or a group helps build team working skills.

Reflectiveness – Thinking about how you learn

Remember learning is not just about answering questions. Teachers already know the answers to the questions they ask. They use questions to help develop your skills of thinking and analysing so you can find answers to other questions.

Read the teacher’s comments carefully so you can see how to make your work as good as you possibly can.

Breda Academy School Philosophy

The key principle of Breda Academy is that everyone is a learner and everyone is a leader. We believe that all students should be empowered to achieve and aspire to the highest point, to be treated with respect and treat others with respect, and enjoy their school.

We are committed to providing a caring and safe environment for all of our students so that they can learn in an atmosphere of mutual respect for each other’s views and approaches to life.

Learning is a lifelong journey involving making decisions and making mistakes. It is the discovery of new ideas and new answers; it is in making errors that learners refine their abilities and discover new paths.

At Breda Academy it is safe to make mistakes and to not yet know the right answer. Students can look forward to being a part of Breda Academy and wearing their uniform with pride as they represent themselves and their peers within the local community.

Our talented and committed staff will support and work with your son or daughter so that they go out into the world as a self-confident person:

– able to communicate and empathise with others,

– enthusiastic about opportunities to be successful and

– eager to carry on learning for the rest of their lives.

Breda Academy strives to be a place where with a place for everyone.

The Teaching Promise

At Breda Academy, we aim to provide an outstanding education for all pupils so that, whatever their starting points, they make excellent progress and contribute positively to the world around them.

Our inspirational teachers engage students through a variety of activities which build the skills and confidence needed for life-long learning. We believe students should understand the success criteria and learning outcomes for each lesson to help put each lesson in context and develop their skills of reflection and self-evaluation.

We prioritise literacy and numeracy as these are the key gateway skills that increase the future opportunities our students can access. Developing these skills is the responsibility of all staff at Breda Academy, not just the English and Maths teachers.

Our students are encouraged to be active and adventurous in their learning because we believe enjoyment enhances achievement. We recognise and reward success and we identify and intervene in underachievement at the earliest possible stage to ensure every student is successful.

Close monitoring and evaluation of our students’ progress is a key element in securing success. The targets we set our students are achievable but challenging. These are reviewed throughout our students’ school careers to ensure that they continue to inspire ambition, and stimulate aspirations.

Our Teaching Skills

School Performance Score 90
A-Level Pass Rate 95
GCSE Pass Rate 85
AS Level Pass Rate 75

Meet the Breda Academy Team

Matthew Munro
Matthew MunroPrincipal
Principal Matthew Munro has over twenty-five years’ experience in post-primary education in England. He has taught in at the highest level in seven different schools covering a wide variety of the educational spectrum.
Principal Munro is relishing the opportunity to lead Breda Academy into an exciting future. Supported by a committed and hard working team, Principal Munro will ensure that all pupils are given the opportunity embrace their future and be inspired to achieve their goals.
 Charleen Gordon
Charleen GordonVice Principal
Mrs Charleen Gordon is Vice Principal of Breda Academy with responsibility for Key Stage 3. A teacher of 30 years she has vast experience in leadership and management. Charleen is looking forward to being part of a team that will ensure Breda Academy pupils are happy and thriving academically in a positive environment.
Alan Galbraith
Alan Galbraith (Head of Year 8)
Gayle Glover
Gayle GloverSenior Staff Member
Gayle Glover has over 11 years teaching experience, she is a senior teacher in 6th year and has strategic importance in the development of student work experience and enterprise education. The new Breda Academy provides Mrs Glover with the platform she has been looking for, to enhancing the pupil’s opportunities with the development of additional A-Level courses.
Joanna McCullough
Joanna McCulloughSenior Staff Member
Joanna McCullough was a student teacher at Newtownbreda High School and then started her first teaching post there once qualified.
Joanna see’s the new Breda Academy being packed with opportunities, those that emerge from having a new and larger school. Joanna is a Senior Teacher but will also manage the Data and Systems post, and believes it will bring her new challenges but she feels very positive about this new role’s impact upon pupil attainment.
Mrs G Scott
Mrs G ScottSenior Teaching Staff
Mrs G Scott is a senior teacher for ‘Inclusion and Development’ at Breda Academy and has been teaching for 21 years.
Mrs Scott has high aspirations for Breda and looks forward to working with an expanded and quality teaching team, additionally she is looking forward to making the Breda Academy’s new and existing pupils the best in Belfast.

Recent Teaching Projects