Breda Academy is well supported by an experienced senior leadership team able to draw on a wealth of experience from within and beyond education. 

Mr Munro was previously Principal at Meopham School in Kent and has worked in a wide variety of schools in England as well as spending three and a half years working for Kent Local Authority as a senior education adviser.   His focus is on ensuring students make the best progress they can in school with a particular emphasis on the key subjects of English and Maths.



Mrs Charleen Gordon was previously Acting Principal at Knockbreda High School and oversaw that school’s progress to securing its best ever GCSE results in the summer of 2015.  She was chosen as The Belfast Telegraph’s  Woman of The Year in Education in 2015. Mrs Gordon is responsible for the Key stage three made up of years 8, 9 and 10.


Mr Richard Massey was previously Vice-Principal at Newtownbreda High School and was instrumental in introducing iPad technology in the classroom, a development which has been picked up and carried forward by Breda Academy.  Alongside his experience as a Head of Department, Head of Year and SENCO, Mr Massey has over 10 years’ experience as a business leader within the private sector and in recent years has been awarded a Professional Qualification in Headship and a Chartered Fellowship of Management.  Mr Massey is currently completing the final dissertation element for his MSc in Educational Leadership with a focus on school amalgamations.  He is responsible for Key Stage four made up of years 11 and 12, including overseeing the broad curriculum offer which Breda has been able to offer to the 170 students in each year group.


Mrs Gayle Glover was previously head of sixth form at Newtownbreda High School and has developed that role as Senior Teacher in charge of KS5 (years 13 and 14).  The additional subjects which Breda has been able to offer have generated a significant increase in overall sixth from numbers.  Like all the senior teachers at Breda Academy Mrs Glover retains a significant teaching commitment.



Ms Joanna McCullough was previously senior teacher at Newtownbreda High School  and has responsibility for data and systems at Breda Academy, including the management of achievement and behaviour through the school’s SIMS system.  Effective use of data tracking is also a significant element in Breda Academy’s drive to ensure all students are both challenged and effectively supported to ensure they reach their full potential.



Mrs Gillian Scott was previously senior teacher at Knockbreda High School and has responsibility for Inclusion and Development, including ensuring that the school addresses the particular needs of its SEN and newcomer students.  Mrs Scott, along with Ms McCullough and Mrs McWilliams (Head of year 12), is also part of the school’s safeguarding team.

A wealth of experience from within and beyond education.